Corporate Social Responsibility


Rockhampton Management’s philanthropic arm, the Fitzroy Philanthropic Fund (FPF) was established in 2015 through donations from the principals and colleagues of Rockhampton. The FPF focuses on meeting the educational needs of individuals in Japan and Hong Kong who are in dire need and who are unable, due to circumstances which they cannot easily avoid, to help themselves. By providing new avenues to enhance their skills and broaden their available opportunity set, the FPF aims to enhance the possibility of inter-generational social mobility by improving the potential for upward earnings, as well as educational and occupational mobility.

In Hong Kong, the FPF has been providing financial support to two non-profit organizations, Teach4HK and Teach Unlimited Foundation. Their mission is to enlist outstanding university graduates to serve in schools with underprivileged students, with the aim of motivating and inspiring the students through innovative teaching programs.

  • Teach4HK - The FPF made a financial commitment to support the monthly stipend and program management costs of two fellows for the 2016-17 academic year. For the 2017-18 academic year, the commitment was increased to support four fellows, and this has continued for the academic year 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. Through their work with the students in their two designated schools, the Fellows are currently able to assist in teaching classes and running educational extra-circular activities that serve approximately 400 students. For more details, please see this interview, featured in Teach4HK’s 2018-2019 Annual Report.

  • Teach Unlimited Foundation - The FPF has made a financial contribution towards TUF’s mentorship program for the academic year 2016-17, and has maintained its funding during 2017-18 and 2018-2019. The funding will be used to support the monthly stipend for two Program Mentors as well as their training and program management costs. The Program Mentors run inspirational English-based programs and mentoring sessions in their designated school benefiting approximately 200 students.

In Japan, since 2017, the FPF has collaborated with Kids’ Door, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children in Japan who suffer from limited access to educational opportunity due to social barriers, such as family breakdown and poverty.

  • Kids' Door - the FPF is funding the administration costs of a dedicated weekend tutorial program, called Ganba-Rockers, for senior high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The first program took place between May 2017 to March 2018 and ran for 4 hours each weekend during the academic year. 21 students received dedicated support from this program. An overview of the results of the program can be found here. The program was renewed for 2018-2019.

The FPF continues to actively seek funding opportunities, and looks to partner with non-profit organizations that are efficient, transparent, creative and passionate in their goal to provide underprivileged students with access to educational opportunities that enable them to realize their full potential.

Apart from education related projects, Rockhampton Management has also supported Disaster Relief causes. Following the March 11th 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident in northern Japan, the company coordinated donations to the victims by management and employees. A substantial sum was raised from our team and donated to the Japanese Red Cross, which was the main organization active in distributing such aid.


As well as providing funding through the FPF, Rockhampton Management supports organizations the FPF partners with by creating in-house volunteering opportunities that enable team members to share their time and expertise with students from the local community.

Recent programs include:

  • English Rockers - a regular activity where small groups of secondary school students selected by Teach4HK are invited to visit the Rockhampton office and spend time with our staff to practice their English speaking skills, as well get a glimpse of the commercial world and experience cultural exchange (photos). At the end of each academic year, an English Rockers party is held where the students share their feedback on the sessions and impact it has had on them (presentation, reflections, and video). It is also an opportunity for Rockhampton team members to celebrate with the students and share their experience through a graduation address to the students. English Rockers has been featured in Teach4HK's Impact Update.

  • English Explorers - this is a team building project which involves a focused group of secondary school students selected by Teach Unlimited Foundation meeting regularly with Rockhampton staff and working closely to explore new countries and cultures together. The aim of the project is to build an app-based quiz game from their discoveries, and present this quiz back to the wider communities in their schools (photos). English Explorers has been featured in this update.

  • GanbaRockers - In August 2018 students and mentors from the GanbaRockers program (run in conjunction with Kids’ Door), were invited to Rockhampton’s Tokyo office where Rockhampton team members introduced the students to the basics of financial markets, and enjoyed a casual discussion about future goals (photos).

  • Approved Volunteering Activities - In addition to the in-house organized volunteering activities, the company has a program whereby any staff member may take one half-day per month during working hours to engage in approved volunteering activities. The aim of all staff volunteering activities is to give back directly to the communities in which we live, and broaden our perspectives by reminding ourselves of those less fortunate. We believe everyone benefits from this type of activity.

  • Santa Rockers - During the year-end holiday season, Rockhampton organizes the Santa Rockers program. Staff members are encouraged to participate in the festive season by sharing their good fortune with those less fortunate through a ‘Christmas Donation Drive’. Items including new and good condition toys, clothes, books and household essentials are collected and donated to Crossroads Foundation, that works with registered NGOs globally to coordinate the redistribution of the goods to individuals in need.